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The New Zealand designed Peter Lynn range comes as a result of 30 years of aerodynamic research experience and on-water testing. All have excellent upwind penetration, are virtually impossible to "luff", have a very high re-launch rate and are much less prone to damage than all other styles of kitesurfing kites like inflatables or multi-bridled parafoils.

The dual-skinned design encompasses the benefits of the pump-up kites but with a more efficient airfoil section. There are no complicated bridles to untangle and no bladders to pump up. Cells are inflated through a one-way 'valve' system which retains air pressure but repels water.

The latest version of the legendary Peter Lynn kitesurfing kites is the Synergy which has become the standard in kitesurf technology for the most demanding of entry-level to advanced users. It also offer a higher level of tunability for the most demanding flier. Prices shown are for kite only. The PL barset is reduced from $400 to only $350 when bought with the kite however any current style of control bar with 4 equal line lengths is suitable.

The Synergy 12 has about the same power as a traditional 12m "C"-shaped inflatable kite although has a larger wind range. For Perth winds of say 12 to 26 knots a 75-90 kg rider would use a 12m.
When comparing prices remember that you will only probably need one kite if you fly a Venom but may need two of other brands. The PL range is also cheaper than most other quality brand names.

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Overseas buyers subtract 10% from all prices!!

Air Freight-free world-wide.


The Peter Lynn Carbon Bar outfit includes Trim ("chicken") Loop with Retainer, Adjuster Strap,

Safety Leash with Quick Release, 4 Fly Lines and Storage Bag. Priced at $400 but reduced to $350 if bought complete with a new Synergy

The Peter Lynn Synergy is your ticket to the world of extreme freestyle kiteboarding. Building on the success of the Venoms, the Synergy is the perfect all-round freestyle kite, giving you the ability to do the tricks you have been dreaming about. The very quick turning speed and great lift allow you to do the craziest kiteloops and handlepasses and extreme jumps. The Synergy has been pushed to meet demands of freestyle kiteboarding riders, but has not lost the special Peter Lynn Twinskin stability and comfortable feel.

Flying characteristics
Fast turning The Synergy has a very direct response and fast turning speed, for easier kiteloops and fast transitions. The steering adjusters in the tips allow you to change the steering of the kite to your personal preference.

Lift and Float
The Synergy has even greater lift and float than the Venom2, high jumps are always great fun. When you are not too powered up, this extra lift makes it easy to do your tricks. The Synergy has very good float so you will be staying in the air for a longer time and you will be assured of a soft landing.

Smooth Power
When riding a Synergy unhooked, the kite flys quick and easy. The flying speed is not so much affected by the tension that is put on the rear lines. This makes the Synergy powerful and makes it easy to do new school moves.

Upwind Performance
The Synergy has a very good upwind performance, for you to easily get back to where you started.

The Synergy has a great amount of power for a comfortable ride. The steering adjusters and flight adjuster allow you to set your power and depower exactly as you prefer. The great amount of depower gives you a larger windrange.

Twinskin Technology The Synergy is a Peter Lynn Twinskin kite. The kite consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles in between. When the kite crashes on the water, the taped seams as well as the valves behind the air inlets prevent the air escaping from the kite as well as any water getting in, for a quick and easy re-launch.

Some of the great advantages of this style of kite are:
Very clean airflow around the wing, both the top skin and the bottom skin are shaped for maximum performance and lift. No bladders or tubes that can burst, the kite is more resistant to wear & tear.
Easy and cheap repairs as the material is all solid Chikara Ripstop Nylon.
Wingtip Dual inflation zippers: To inflate your kite with effortless input, for a safer and easier launch.
Launch Assistant Tag: Velcro tabs to ensure trouble-free self launching.
However if it does, the waterproof taped and reinforced seams and the incorporated silicon valve design behind the air intakes along the kite's leading edge trap the air inside the kite, and make it very hard for water to get in.
The large volume of air keeps the whole kite floating on top of the water, so there is nothing stopping the kite from taking off. With very little practice, water re-launching a Peter Lynn Twin-Skin is very simple, quick, and easy to do. Many riders who are already flying Twin-Skin kites claim many months on the water without ever dropping it into the water, some even claim they have never had to do one. Spend more time in the air and less time relaunching on the water. Get yourself a Peter Lynn Synergy today and discover the new world of kite boarding all over again.

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