Famous Sexual Offences Lawyers in Melbourne

Some of the famous sexual offence lawyers Melbourne are noted here. Brief descriptions about their services are also given.

rape victims

Dribbin and Brown lawyers

This is a top listed law firm in Australia, which is famous for its dedication to give the clients the most desired results. The team is located in Ringwood which have expertise in almost all branches of law. The founders as well as the leading lawyers in the team are David Dribbin and Michael Brown who have an experience of around 40 years (combined). It is highly important to be noted that the team specially manages the criminal offences for years. This is also one of the important features which attract the clients more to them than the other local sex offences lawyers Melbourne. The Law Institute of Victoria accredited both of the lawyers as professionals of legal practice. All the contact details of the team are also given in the official website.

What makes the team very special from the other abduction barristers Melbourne is the closeness of their locality with the magistrate’s courts. The ease of accessibility increases the clients comfort because they have just 70 meters distance from the courts. The other four branches of the team are located in Melbourne, CBD, Dandenong, Moorabbin and Frankston areas. The extensive experience of the lawyers in the team also attracts the clients more than the other molestation counsels Melbourne. In fact the appearance of the lawyers in the team even in the Supreme Court increases the credibility.

The number of wining cases is also high for the team which includes the landmark cases of Australia. The familiarity of the advocates in the team in the procedures and court rules is also helpful to avoid committing of mistakes by the clients in any stage of the case. This makes the team highly comfortable for the clients which also increase the demand of the team among the defilement legal practitioners Melbourne. The lawyers in the team who handles the sex offences are well experienced in handling that specific area of law.

They have experience in appearing in both the magistrate as well as country courts for the same matter. The highlighted feature of the lawyers is that they are friendly in their approach to the clients, because the clients seeking assistance in sexual offences will be in a mental dilemma, which has to be carefully handled. This makes the team very different from the other plundering cases solicitors Melbourne. In fact the team never exploits the circumstance of a client in any aspects, be it financial or mental. The different areas covered in the sexual offences include sexual assault, indecent assault, rape and pornography cases.

The main attraction of the Drobbin and Brown team is the experience they have in handling the sexual offences which also attracts the clinets more to them than the other sexual offences lawyers Melbourne. In fact the team is filled with the lawyers who have a friendly approach and compassionate attitude.

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